Sunday, June 20, 2010


Saturday,June 19th 2010

ehem, dear diary,
i's such a cool v bright and sunny day today !

am i such a dork to say i love SATURDAYS!??

im at mira’s house . today supposedly and unexpectedly, we've planned to go for a coffin exhibition at the museum.
konon brani..hahaha,....

but as it turns out , life doesnt go as its supposed to smtimes -_-”"

ever felt emotionally and physically drained ? ._.’

today,we went for a kind of cuci mata around kl.
we=mama,mira,abah and me.(;

actually, mama and i planned to go to post office,since i got something to setTle on but plan was altered cause abah want to have breakfast at kg baru.okay then.

went out about 9am and got back home around 12.30 and its was only a while cause we're going out again after zohor to ikea..


went to ikea bcause mama got sumthing to buy for the bathroom and thanks god to mama cause i havent in ikea for almost 3years!
hahahah...but plans as i said dont turns out as it supposed to..... );
we bought nothing at the end..hurm,doesnt matter.
hey,i heard some of  my friend got addicted by ikea meatball..hahaha..okay,i'll try it later la..(xsmpat nk jenguk pun,too many ppl!)

on our way home, we got stuck on secret recipe having tea time there..
OMG! so nice and good to have pecan butterscotch this time..
plus lasagna,it was mama's order tough..(curi sikit) hhahaha

after we got home,me n mira going out again to a nearby shop.

u know what?i saw kittens there!
argh!soooo cute!
there r 3 kittens on a box below the stairs, n no ones there.
so i took 1 n 1 for mira.
fair n square isnt it?
technically,it's stealing bcause no one was there at that time..

*big dush!

but realistically,it's stealing too because we took them without permission.but,is there someone else there to ask for a permission???what  a crap...blablabla...

can you imagine a sun drenched , sunny day , hanging out and letting loose and at the same time getting something (hihi) done , and seeing everybody (half of em you knw of and greet) just out and about enjoying the day ?

my life is great , i think  and im beyond grateful .

and i just had to write this to share my happiness haha . ive been so down and semi lethargic lately but i guess it just boils down to what matters at the end of the day .

you really really have to let out whats making you feel wrong , bcause once thats done everything is okay . you did your part in telling someone and its up to the universe to make it right lol
either that , or i am waaaayyy high on mochachino
but hey - life is short .

love ,
fiqa..  xD

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Listening to: Angel's cry-Neyo ft Mariah Carey
hair . twisted into a ponytail.
shimmer . rough .
In black chiffon shorts and a white tee .
wiping the worry away..

ooh.. it's been 3 weeks already..

ive been … busy gearing up over everything , konon . im nt even sure if that makes sense
it’s already THURSDAY
1 day left till weekend..
feel as if the weekend didnt happen at all , smhow . one big gush of grey blur

my brain went fuzzy checkin' on wht i'm going to do dis weekend.


i think all dis time i'm doing my internship at petronas,i did quite well.(i guess)

u know what?the best thing for today was i eat at nando's!

it's kak fid's supervisor a.k.a my boss..


frankly speaking, at 1st, i did'nt wanna go join them for lunch since i thought i hve to pay for my own meal.

funny isnt it? i knew that every month kak fid will bring her staff for a lunch together.that was great!

thats why i love nice ppl..

my top pet peeve in the whole world is rude people . i absolutely despise rude people . imbecilic morons . courtesy makes the person . gentlemen rules !

in a sense , it seems irresponsible and idiotic to “go with the flo” . but im not stupid . i act stupid ;D but i don’t think im stoopid . this may be just a case of Patrick & Spongebob’s influence . haha .

i was raised with manners . im sensible . i don’t do stupid things . like smoking . or taking drugs . i dnt do PDA . i pray ;D and fast . i’ve qhattamed . i still have fun but i know my limit . with good breeding comes manners .

song right now:Jason Castro- Lets just fall in love again.

okay, i'm done now.