Monday, December 6, 2010

Into the nothing

1) put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc on shuffle
2) for each quest, press the next button to get your answer
3) u must write down the song's name NO MATTER HOW silly it sounds
4) put any comments in brackets after the song names)

put this on your journal/blog

1- If someone says, "Is this okay ?" ... you say ?
bury me deep inside-HIM (yes bury me DEEP)

2- How would you describe yourself ?
cant be tamed - Miley Cyrus (i used to be tamed...=p)

3- What do you like in a guy/girl ?
genie in he bottle- Christina Aquilera (wishing the genie is hot)

4- How do you feel today ?
Better in time - Leona Lewis (apparently i need to be the way i used to be,or better)

5- What is your life's purpose?

6- What is your motto?

7- What do your friends think of you ?
CHECK YES JULIET-WE THE KINGS(run baby run dont ever look back...)

8- What do you think of your parents ?
SAVE ROOM-JOHN LEGEND(for the love of god!!)

9- What do you think about very often ?
SIGNS-SNOOP DOGG FT J.T(cupid dont MESS with me)

10- What is 2 + 2 ?
ONE IN A MILLION-Bosson (so its not 4 nemore?)

11- What do you think of your best friend ?
touch my body-mariah carey (ho yeahh!!.hahaha)

12- What do you think of the person you like ?
today was a fairytale - Taylor Swift(it's over within a day, lol)

13- What is your life story ?
falling star-JET (yes falling star indeed)

14- What do you want to be when you grow up ?
stolen-dashboard confessional (???!!!)

15- What do you think of when you see the person you like ?
Relax,take it easy-Mika(chill bebeyh chill...)

16- What will you dance to at your wedding ?
Midnight bottle-Colbie caillat

17- What will they play at your funeral ?
Time is running out - Muse(bapak terbaik funeral aku!)

18- What is your hobby/interest ?
New-No doubt(ape punyer hobby lah)

19- What is your biggest fear ?
Hot n cold-Katie Perry (stupid punye fear)

20- What is your biggest secret ?
CRAZY - Aerosmith (no doubt u're like this)*ngee

21- What do you think of your friends ?
Your my angle-Unwritten law (devil lagie tepat wey)

22- What will you post this as ?
Into the nothing - Breaking Benjamin (realistically this is useless)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Adios Treasury

 the A&O team(superb!)

it's been a looong time ago since the last time i'm update this bloody blog was on september.=0

i've been busy gearing up evething  with all the practical stuff n what not.(konon)

totally cannot recall wht happened before this.
alrite,before all things are draining and drenching out from my brain,i have to put this on somewhere.(-.-)

as times goes by, the tears and joy of intership is done..i was handling it pretty well,i think..totally.
as i dont regret any seconds of it. all of them are wonderful (i can use that term for them)
*insert dramatic pause.

on my last day, they got me off for a lunch together at chakri. nothing biggie, just a small selective gathering fr this great band of friensd that were awesomely close. at the end of it,i put a glimpse on the receipt.
that lunch is worth rm450++.erk! thanks Kak Fid!!it was an amazing fact that all of us were able to attend last tuesday afternoon :’)

after that, we're heading to iSetan.
we = kak shida n me..
and surprisingly i've been asked to choose my own present worth rm300.realistically i am shocked (and blushing too)......;) what are they planning to?
ok,done with that..i've picked out my own was a ........eheheh

after that, we've got another farewell celebration for the whole GTD, a cake for us.honestly i tell you it was the most wonderful moment in my life. being celebrated as if i'm the staff was not just an intern i thought. we've spent moments and we did make every seconds worth having for, the Accounting and Operation team and the whole GTD itself.

idk why im writing this , just fr the record i guess . i knw ill miss them , because they’re a part of my life :/

mmmmkaaay phewh thats it!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Beatiful Goodbye

I thought it was all in my head but something felt wrong in my heart

Guess I was a fool to believe nothing could tear us apart

Little by little we've changed n maybe we'll never know why

Something is gone from my touch

And it's written deep in your eyes

Forever is easy to say

But now our forever is gone

Can't you see nobody's right

When all that is left is all wrong

I'm gonna miss what we had

And even though it's killin' me

Gotta see things the way that they are

Not the way that I wish they could be

We'll never be the way we were

So why do we try to pretend

If we know it's gonna hurt

It's beter left unsaid

And it feels just like a dream the moment that you wrap your arms around me

The only place I thought I'd ever be until I realize it's for the last time

You don't have to say a word

'cause deep inside I already know

You can't keep holding on

Just because I can't let go

I'll be all right, try not to cry

When you walk out my life
Just leave me with a beautiful goodbye

Thursday, August 12, 2010

He love you..He love u not....

Something to share with u guys….

How to know when a man loves you.
Perhaps he loves you, but he is not in love with you, yes there is a huge difference. Some of the easiness signs to determine he loves you or not are...

* When a man loves a woman he treats her equally.
* He treats her like his queen and is always there for her.
* When she needs someone by her side, he is standing there.
* He never hits or belittles her.
* He is supportive and understanding.
* He shows her with his actions.
* He is loving and affectionate.
* He makes you feel special.

* He treats u like a queen.
* He listens to what you have to say.
* He thinks about your feelings.
* His friends and family all respect you.
* He sticks up for you at all times.
* He is interested in your wants and needs.
* He asks for your opinions.
* He takes good care of you.
* How he looks at you.
* He tries to impress you.
* He calls you frequently.

A man might not be so great at telling you his feelings, so make sure you watch his actions. We all know the saying "actions speak louder then words" and in a man’s world it is true. The way he talks about you and treats you is the best way to determine if he truly loves you or not.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


listening to: impossible-Shontelle.(pretty enough to describe the stupid feeling right now)

mood : dont know ('.')??

wearing : borrowed t-shirt from yat(thanks yat!)

i dont have any issues rite now, thank god!

except a tiny niggling of unsatisfaction =/

sheeeshh! i hate it when people flaunt out their high and might-i-ness on me

get a grip

my life is cooler then your,so xpyh kecoh la..

actually, i have this big issue of flaunting around authority

HAHA . i can practically see my bffs rolling around on the floor :/

but technically , i do have my moments of self doubt
*what a crap

but mummy taught me to just bulldoze my way into greatness , and whatever i strive for , work for , i'll get it 

so its a matter of mindset

i’d go really really deep into what im feeling right now

but honestly nothing is stirring in the deep depths of the archives of my very own personal teen angst .

im happy as i am right now (;

i'm done,goodnite!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Un-satisfaction is ..

1. the unknown

2. the useless known

3. the hopeless known ..

4. and knowing that im just typing out the words as it comes from my head without meaning

haha im actually a nice , stable person . its went situations are testy that i get prickly..


right now . maybe its jst me ._.’ it eats you up and you don’t know what to do because you can’t really do anything . and it gets you . grr . the unknown , unplanned , uncharted . analogy - like missing the last formula to an addmath equation ; not being able to msg your friend because your phone is cranky (ish !) sigh ; forgetting something just a the tip of your tongue ; and wishing that something might happen but not knowing if it is ever going to or not , and when will it happen ..

im not a quitter ! but i dont know where this is going so i dont know what im working towards and ..

and maybe im too demanding . hmp . but is it so much to ask when all i want is ,

when all i want is a bit privacy for myself..thanks.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Saturday,June 19th 2010

ehem, dear diary,
i's such a cool v bright and sunny day today !

am i such a dork to say i love SATURDAYS!??

im at mira’s house . today supposedly and unexpectedly, we've planned to go for a coffin exhibition at the museum.
konon brani..hahaha,....

but as it turns out , life doesnt go as its supposed to smtimes -_-”"

ever felt emotionally and physically drained ? ._.’

today,we went for a kind of cuci mata around kl.
we=mama,mira,abah and me.(;

actually, mama and i planned to go to post office,since i got something to setTle on but plan was altered cause abah want to have breakfast at kg baru.okay then.

went out about 9am and got back home around 12.30 and its was only a while cause we're going out again after zohor to ikea..


went to ikea bcause mama got sumthing to buy for the bathroom and thanks god to mama cause i havent in ikea for almost 3years!
hahahah...but plans as i said dont turns out as it supposed to..... );
we bought nothing at the end..hurm,doesnt matter.
hey,i heard some of  my friend got addicted by ikea meatball..hahaha..okay,i'll try it later la..(xsmpat nk jenguk pun,too many ppl!)

on our way home, we got stuck on secret recipe having tea time there..
OMG! so nice and good to have pecan butterscotch this time..
plus lasagna,it was mama's order tough..(curi sikit) hhahaha

after we got home,me n mira going out again to a nearby shop.

u know what?i saw kittens there!
argh!soooo cute!
there r 3 kittens on a box below the stairs, n no ones there.
so i took 1 n 1 for mira.
fair n square isnt it?
technically,it's stealing bcause no one was there at that time..

*big dush!

but realistically,it's stealing too because we took them without permission.but,is there someone else there to ask for a permission???what  a crap...blablabla...

can you imagine a sun drenched , sunny day , hanging out and letting loose and at the same time getting something (hihi) done , and seeing everybody (half of em you knw of and greet) just out and about enjoying the day ?

my life is great , i think  and im beyond grateful .

and i just had to write this to share my happiness haha . ive been so down and semi lethargic lately but i guess it just boils down to what matters at the end of the day .

you really really have to let out whats making you feel wrong , bcause once thats done everything is okay . you did your part in telling someone and its up to the universe to make it right lol
either that , or i am waaaayyy high on mochachino
but hey - life is short .

love ,
fiqa..  xD

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Listening to: Angel's cry-Neyo ft Mariah Carey
hair . twisted into a ponytail.
shimmer . rough .
In black chiffon shorts and a white tee .
wiping the worry away..

ooh.. it's been 3 weeks already..

ive been … busy gearing up over everything , konon . im nt even sure if that makes sense
it’s already THURSDAY
1 day left till weekend..
feel as if the weekend didnt happen at all , smhow . one big gush of grey blur

my brain went fuzzy checkin' on wht i'm going to do dis weekend.


i think all dis time i'm doing my internship at petronas,i did quite well.(i guess)

u know what?the best thing for today was i eat at nando's!

it's kak fid's supervisor a.k.a my boss..


frankly speaking, at 1st, i did'nt wanna go join them for lunch since i thought i hve to pay for my own meal.

funny isnt it? i knew that every month kak fid will bring her staff for a lunch together.that was great!

thats why i love nice ppl..

my top pet peeve in the whole world is rude people . i absolutely despise rude people . imbecilic morons . courtesy makes the person . gentlemen rules !

in a sense , it seems irresponsible and idiotic to “go with the flo” . but im not stupid . i act stupid ;D but i don’t think im stoopid . this may be just a case of Patrick & Spongebob’s influence . haha .

i was raised with manners . im sensible . i don’t do stupid things . like smoking . or taking drugs . i dnt do PDA . i pray ;D and fast . i’ve qhattamed . i still have fun but i know my limit . with good breeding comes manners .

song right now:Jason Castro- Lets just fall in love again.

okay, i'm done now.


Saturday, May 29, 2010

As ur wish

i wish i didn't care
i wish it didn't matter
i wish i was happy
i wish i had money
i wish i was pretty
i wish i could sleep at night
i wish i could enjoyed my life
i wish i could just enjoyed my food
i wish u meant it
i wish i meant it
i wish i was different
i wish i know what i'm writing rite now..

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


May,18th 2010

1st thing in the morning, i woke up early, prepare 4 my sis punye bekpes.( goreng nasik jer la)

since yesterday we've planned 2 meet today, i went to kb and meet them there.
OMG!it's been 5 years since last time i saw their face..heheh
*we=me,zaza,& shida.

1.shida got taller than me,still cute and skinny a bit.hurm . yeah.. a girl like her? she's no chick who wathes her weight.hahaha..

2.zaza now seems like gaining weight little bit(it was a victory for her i think since she's always complaining 2 me saying she's so skinny like a walking skeleton and a runaway model) hihi

*applause!(great job dear)

brunch at  pizza hut+secret recipe..
*thinking...are u guys doin' dis too??huh?? (;

after that, 3 of us got 3 proper plan:

1. window shopping

2. tingkap shopping

3. door shopping!

that's all we can do since we dont have money.
me=dont have the scholarship money yet .
zaza=her dad wont give her the allowance 4 this month since she took away her sis's laptop for for her bf... (bangang!)
shida=always run out of money!

*pats my back..its okay!haha


ah shit! my phone fell down the floor 3times today.
i'm sure now it's going to be crappier and crappier by minutes.
yeah right..

we sat in the middle of the shopping mall
thats because we tired+exhausted+jealous of ppl having a double triple paperbags on their hand.(-o-)"

we were talking and talking, haha ,
and i jst have to record this before it slips out to oblivion

zaza: so how r u now?

me: i'm just fine. damn bored being alone at home

shida : heh..nasib la

me : hehe.yeah..but i love doing all those stuff.
very hectic week i got last week.i pactically died the day after that..

zaza : whatv a crap,dont b sooo lame.haha..

shida : hey, did u hear about h?

me: nope.not at all, seems like he fall into another side of the world. i dont even saw him after school. why?u met him?

shida : u just dont get it fiqa.

me: get what?

shida: r u blind or what?

me: huh? can u just tell me what did i didnt got so i can get it NOW.

shida: *explains

me: *pause for a seconds..
i see. why i dont even notice it?hurmm...where the hell is he doin' rite now? studying or what?

shida: yeah..he managed to go australia after intec s.alam.

me: errrr..okay. i was such a blinfolded. how is it goin after

shida: he got offer 2 mrsm.

*zaza smirking

*so,technically i dont expecting dis thing is goin to spoil my mood 2day.. ._.//

head over home after that.

let me tell you what i think is important in life - uh


tiramisu cakes , laptop , handphone , wifi , pringles , friends and pizza


okay, NO. it's attitude

clothes , looks , grades , talents , sport abilities , contacts and networks , cool family , nice house , riches , cool friends and a romantic love life ..

it makes up but its not the important thing ;)

its very very shallow if you think that’s the main point of perfection

perfection , like beauty , really comes from within ;D

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chip and Cookies

1. today is THURSDAY!erm,evryone knows that(whether they noticed or not) ;)

2. I should be: kemas umah(since i'm now a full time h/wife a.k.a anak soleh)

3. The last text message i received was from: lizzie

4. And it said: jom g pasar malam.

5. I replied: sori,can't la. ade keje la.

6. I am currently pissed off because:my sem break is only 3 weeks!blurhgg!

7. My cellphone rings and the song playing is:Nokia default tone? err...hehe

8. Would love to see: last song(miley starred)

9. Let say i could change my attitude, it would be: that i'd be less egoistic . hmm

10. I really, absolutely love cheese cake.

11.I like yesterday because: ilove yesterday.=p

12. My fav song rite now would be: Jason Derulo-Blind

13. Sometimes I forget to: urmmm,replying messages. sorry!

14. When I’m in a bad mood, it’s better to just: keep quiet and think and read .

15. I really can’t stand: um . rude people . and maggots xO

16.  I’d break up with my boyfriend right away if: i saw him cheating on me !

17. If I were to get stuck in an elevator with someone, it would have to be: wan, or amie . i miss you guys sniff . or hana and ili just for another moment with the three of us :’) + yat ! or ultimately , jiwa kusut k.long . and zai . hey and ziey too .

18.  If I win the lottery, the first thing I would buy is: a house . ngee!

19. One bad habit of mine is: ahaha . i bite my nails , i sleeptalking and i love midnite snack . that’s three , sorry .

20. i would like to meet: wan suriati . to clear things up and explain myself . blueh . im such a chicken i cant even try to muster up the energy to msg you . my bad . so sorry..

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


date:12 may 2010
listening to : boys like girls-two is better than one
mood: totally mixed up..sad,confused,guilty.('_.)"

i would tell you what i feel rite now,being honest and face you infront so i could say sorry,explain everything,and blurt it all in just a glimpse of words..
it sounds and it will sound so emo , and i hate it . wan, you somehow bring out the worst and the best part of me.. (;
i realised sumhow people go through their midlife crisis now :/ things change , pressure , life .

all those crap and crisis were just a flow like water in our life..
life must go on and what makes we stuck to each other is not exactly what we feel everytime we're on the middle of trouble or sumthing.

but, trust me..
everytime all the problem goes away, that stuff is not a problem anymore..
what matters now?
friendship matters and rule everything more than we knew and realised..(:

friend are forever, trouble is not just a friend, it was our life, how we reflect our life day by days..

*i'm really miss my h/mates now

whatever obstacles, problems, crisis, any rumours cascade, i will always love u guys..

sorry for whatever i did wrong..

till we meet again.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010


the end.

Uitm is done...
erk?actually...not done yet,
there's 1year left...


after 3years of studies and love and laugh i didnt think i regret a second of it and i've already prepared my leave and is all good.

about 3 weeks of freedom brings a lot of prospects and its what you make of the time you have right?

why do i feel like theres a brick wall coming on the 1st of june? instead of a door?

and im so unsatisfied because ive tried so hard last year. A for effort, no? and and it’s double the turmoil because deep down inside i don’t know what im doing. im not sure of my goals as of yet and maybe it’s time i realise that the no-plan plan isnt really going to work now that lectures and all its enchalada is done with?

im trying to hold up my end here and im probably wigging out over nothing but its like balancing on a thread, not knowing whether its good to fall or not?

we’ll see.

the beginning.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


ah well . you learn to overcome the obstacles in life and move on .
im beginning to realise that i crap a lot of psycho analysis talk when i blogging...

01. Do you ever wonder what your last ex is up to?
yes i do have  =)

02. have u ever been given roses?
i got about 4 on my last birthday._."

03. What is your all-time favorite romantic movie?
valentine's day...=)

04. How many times have you honestly fallen deeply in love?
Love??define love,haha

05. Do you believe that everyone has soulmate?
yup!adam n hawa is true example.

06.What’s your current problem?
i have to be disciplined to study properly

07. Have you ever had your heart broken?
my heart doesnt break it just gets bumped..heheh

08.Had a Long Distance Relationship?
define this.

09. Do you believe in this saying- ONCE A CHEATER ALWAYS A CHEATER?
noooo la.
i believe in the saying people change

10. Do you want to get married?
um why not haha

11. How many kids do you want to have?
long way to go

12. Whats your favorite color?
pink and brown

13. Who was the last person you held hands with?
after april the 19th , its just random gfs and handshakes.

14.Do you believe in love at first sight?
that was lust at first sight

16. At what age did you start noticing the opposite gender?
kelas agama HAHAHA

17. Do you still like your ex?
nope..even i dont know where they are now

18. Do you know somone who likes you?

19. Do you like anyone?
joe jonas!haha

20. Do they know you like/love them?
i wish he do

21. Would you kiss someone on your top?
if i could ;D

22. Whats your status?
moderately ecstatic.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kids are smiling!

Date:17th april10
Time:11:40 am

mood:confuse ._.?
Listening to: Blind-Jason Derulo
Playing:The sims

hey,i'm trying to clearing my head,there's so many thing's goin' on n i need some time to kick it outt off my head.
actually,i missed the moment when i'm in my darjah satu..(;
i confesed how i hate i'm getting older n hellyeah ;),i really want my bantal busuk back!

i think it's scary that people are now reflecting on their life...
but it happens to me Lol..
so,i plan to enjoy my life as much as i can..;0
oh god!thats depressing!
i have just realised that i talk a lot -_-’ mygod . i hope people don’t think im perky 8|
i cant handle perkiness !
my mum always tells me to ‘think before you speak that stupid thing that you were thinking of doing’ but realistically - is there time to think ???

*big grin's the end of the semester dont even know if i've prepared 4 the final already???

ah shit!doraemon please turn back the time..lend me ur time machine!

*lets recall what do i have at my darjah 1

1.i miss times where i can just lie down on an open stretch of field and look up at the sky and feel free . or drinking iced lemonade after a game of rounders;) thats what i did actually..

2.i went for the klas mengaji at surau and i got crying all days for the next day becoz i dont want to go for the klas anymore...hahahah(really pemalas!)

3.everyday is all play day 4 me...and it stops when i got bleeding on my nose.tu pun sbb i angkat my fren on my back..(that time i fall dkt akar pokok kelapa)'s fun though

4.i drink milk a lot cause i want to be tall and taller.(bcoz of my daydreaming,i tend to fininsh a carton of milk in just ONE mom rarely buy milk in carton after that,instead she bought nespray in powder..hahahaha)Good thought mom!

5.i always packing my clothes and pretending like ade plane amik dpn rmah nk pegi jmpe Mc Gyver..hahahaha
thanks to my parents for 'melayan' my habit at that time.*sheepish smile.

6.i used to go shopping for the toys & doll.and smpai at the moment pnjual dkt kdai stop ckp dkt i,"dah la dik,kesian dkt ayah dah penuh brg2 mainan kat tanagn 2" u consider urself succesful stopping my habit????bgahahah

okay,i'm done clearing those crappy stuff stuck on my head. :x
i'm done now....

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bloom Red Roses!

i fall in love with all these red thing from the moment i saw them on ebay!

OMG!my blood vesel felt the heat already and it comes through my heart,and my heartbeat cease for seconds..hahahah
look at this....

r u waiting for me to buy you baby??

dont look at me like that honey,i cant afford u rite now..u're gucci baby...
it'll be okay *pats my back;)
it'll be yours then.....(for 10years time maybe)

*big dush!*

Man U vs Chelsea

neither am i am a fan of Manchester United or Chelsea,but i went to the mamak corner to watch for this league...('.')?...muahaha...

to be honest the last time i've been addicted to football thing is on year'02 when it was FIFA world cup season...
i was like whooooo~
i am a maniac falling in love with Ronaldo at dat time =)
my emotion completely went in short circuit arguing whos the best with my brother.....hahaha...

*big sigh

i've recall,it was an unforgettable moment since i've watched that with my family members all around me..(;

today i am so weird *like a mesh(; that i've watched the football thing......again!

the first minutes of 10+ was moving insanely slow like i'm going streesed out...and moving to the minutes of 20sumthing,1st GOAL for Chelsea! yeah!!!
haha...seems like i'm supporting chelsea but i'm in the middle of supporting both of them...since chelsea did the goal 1st,then why dont i choose them?....=)

believe me,i'm not a good commentator as martin tyler did..then stop now rather than regretting reading on this bloody sport report by me.hahaha..
the first goal was made by Joe cole...
hurmm..quite intresting already n i'm feeling as fresh as just getting out of fridge...

*putting my position better on the chair
even i still in my crabby mood(;
my mind sparkling in and out and my eyes rolling as i'm gonna catch that ball..hahhaah..

and the end of the match, result was?
chelsea beats ManU with 2-1..
yeah,feeling really satisfied then=)
even i'm not even know what was foul,offside and all those crappy thing..hehhehe...

fav player for today??
new word?
:yellow card...haha

phewwwwwh!....that's it   -_-"


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pursuit of happyness

im getting there =0

the trouble with aiming for a goal

is losing the things you love on the way

its time to pick back up the pieces

and make way for victory (;

its already beginning of april

and its the beginning of the end!

*smirking (-;

Monday, February 15, 2010


listening to: one less lonely girl-justin bieber;do i-luke bryan
my hair twisted into a knot in a black tee with 'saya sayang mak saya' written on it.
mood: painful emotion (*=*)

i plan to sleep n dreaming before midnight...
zzzz..... sleep though...wargh!
why i keep on writing on this bloody blog when i have one of my OWN..i feels like cheating and feeling guilty like i'm having an affair =p or the 1st stages of flirting when you meet someone..

actually,there's another reason why i keep on writing on this bloody blog..:)
there's difference between being an adult and growing up i think.
thinking i'm an adult is really chilling me up..
i'm stil growing up and i know what i did in my life is all in the process of learning and learning and continues till the end of my life..
sumhow an adult still got more to learn and it doesnt necessarily cames from the older one,a kiddo would do too..

i managed to know dis 5year old girl and i was so amazed on how she can be so independent..(0_0)..she's helping out her family by putting her best effort for the sake of her family.
AISI, she's taught me a little bit bout dis miserly life..

And i got very s**k up wif dis guy!
go to hell with your story..i'm not here and acting like stupid person
listening to your *blablabla....
i'ts 2am now,n we're still sms-ing stupid thing."of course it make me angrier"
ok,i'm done now...stop sms-ing me asking me to do this and that..helloooo..who's the boss here?

*big real sigh

song now: king and queens-30seconds to mars
feeling:sleepy yet angry.

ok2..i'm done now.goodnight...(^o^)..


15th february 2010

urmm....i woke up early 2day..solat, then prepare for a breakfast..
a triple + 1layer of sandwich je..
hurmm..but suddenly my mum asked my sis to go and find 1nasi bungkus for her..
haha...who's gonna eat all dis sandwiches? 3of us?
it was so *CWOT(complete waste of time)
if i knew this would happen, i'll just have a yakisoba for breakfast..
ok then..
after that all of us watching oprah show..kinda intresting..then my mum ajak pegi pasar tani..
wanna buy durian..hehe...
i got dressed up by 930 but got stuck by, mak nak tengok abhisek ngan aish kat dalam oprah dulu..
wut ever...i dont really like them though..ok then, we went to pasar on 10.30 am then..

huh?murtabak kambing? jgk nie...
pakcik: nk bli ape?
me : murtabak kambing 1
me :trime kasih pakcik.

jalan again...
dush!hey you..
there's one big guy walking semborono xpandang kiri kanan then langgar ak..
really pissed off..shit!hello?u're big one,y dont u walk down 2 earth a little bit..
ni jalan nk langgar org jer.he's one sad pathetic dude..
urg...technically, i'm not actually got pissed of by that guy.(maybe i'm in unstable hormone mood rite now)

then we managed to get home by 1130 after my mum got her tudung,carkuew and 5kilos of tangerine. ;)
what to masak today?hurmmm..lets see what we have in the frdge..
aiyark!ikan siakap!pergh..
Got the menus already..
1. ikan siakap sweet sour
2. brocoli with black pepper sauce
3. goreng telur pun ok!=p

hurm,oprah again?dis time i have no idea how luckly i am ..justin's here on oprah!
we got your sexy back!:)

phone ringing
Come home's HIM! 're u?
fine..whre r u?my jiran's house..ade kenduri.blablabla...bye.

I actually having fun got stuck in the house..onlining,movies(actually my sis conquer all channel watching disney's movies)

*big sigh

smsing jue..
me="hey jue,got somthing to do 2morrow?
jue replying"nope.y?"
me=let's hang out 2morrow then.
jue=okie,i'll ask aisha then.where?
me=hurm..i'm not goin 2 decide rite n0w..we'll see 2morrow then.

suddenly,feels like my heart stumped..
my brain went fuzzy with this crappy stuck on my head.
actually, i brought home buku FAR450..meaning? shoulve study then.
but my head keeps spinning around like it want some fresh air
(u know wht i meant,got fresh air by hang out n having tiramisu cake..GOSH!)


okie...enough then..tired typing on this blog already..gotta out and find some fresh air.


Sunday, February 14, 2010


its really hard to explain to you and come out with the right words
everything just came out twisted and screwed up
but please, u know that i care more than you ever had in mind
and u know what..
i didnt mean to play around and get stuck with new one
damn it
if u think otherwise
our ego is big enough to act that this is all about us
dont screw this up over what we had done b4...


location:in front of my pink erstwhile laptop
listening to:when you look me in the eyes
mood:em0 '._.' mom is wathching her fave tv show,the oprah show...(lyke her show too but i'm not in mood rite now)=p
since this is the 1st time i wrote a blog...
dunno what to write actually..

i'm writing this for the sake of clarity...i havnt been online for quite a long time o friendsters...bout 4-5 months i think since i've been addictive to facebook...hehe...
i just wondering how's my life will be in the next 5years.
married?having 5children?
OMG!cant wait when i will be a woman..;) (real woman is what i meant lol)
being a real 'superwoman' is lyke a sort of greatest achievement in my life..
having a great career...and a man who really understands every single thing i did..
i dont like fiddling around and serios bout what it takes to be serious..
but i do love joking with my friends,wan,hana,yat,amie,k.long....

got to go...