Sunday, July 25, 2010


listening to: impossible-Shontelle.(pretty enough to describe the stupid feeling right now)

mood : dont know ('.')??

wearing : borrowed t-shirt from yat(thanks yat!)

i dont have any issues rite now, thank god!

except a tiny niggling of unsatisfaction =/

sheeeshh! i hate it when people flaunt out their high and might-i-ness on me

get a grip

my life is cooler then your,so xpyh kecoh la..

actually, i have this big issue of flaunting around authority

HAHA . i can practically see my bffs rolling around on the floor :/

but technically , i do have my moments of self doubt
*what a crap

but mummy taught me to just bulldoze my way into greatness , and whatever i strive for , work for , i'll get it 

so its a matter of mindset

i’d go really really deep into what im feeling right now

but honestly nothing is stirring in the deep depths of the archives of my very own personal teen angst .

im happy as i am right now (;

i'm done,goodnite!

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