Saturday, April 24, 2010


ah well . you learn to overcome the obstacles in life and move on .
im beginning to realise that i crap a lot of psycho analysis talk when i blogging...

01. Do you ever wonder what your last ex is up to?
yes i do have  =)

02. have u ever been given roses?
i got about 4 on my last birthday._."

03. What is your all-time favorite romantic movie?
valentine's day...=)

04. How many times have you honestly fallen deeply in love?
Love??define love,haha

05. Do you believe that everyone has soulmate?
yup!adam n hawa is true example.

06.What’s your current problem?
i have to be disciplined to study properly

07. Have you ever had your heart broken?
my heart doesnt break it just gets bumped..heheh

08.Had a Long Distance Relationship?
define this.

09. Do you believe in this saying- ONCE A CHEATER ALWAYS A CHEATER?
noooo la.
i believe in the saying people change

10. Do you want to get married?
um why not haha

11. How many kids do you want to have?
long way to go

12. Whats your favorite color?
pink and brown

13. Who was the last person you held hands with?
after april the 19th , its just random gfs and handshakes.

14.Do you believe in love at first sight?
that was lust at first sight

16. At what age did you start noticing the opposite gender?
kelas agama HAHAHA

17. Do you still like your ex?
nope..even i dont know where they are now

18. Do you know somone who likes you?

19. Do you like anyone?
joe jonas!haha

20. Do they know you like/love them?
i wish he do

21. Would you kiss someone on your top?
if i could ;D

22. Whats your status?
moderately ecstatic.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kids are smiling!

Date:17th april10
Time:11:40 am

mood:confuse ._.?
Listening to: Blind-Jason Derulo
Playing:The sims

hey,i'm trying to clearing my head,there's so many thing's goin' on n i need some time to kick it outt off my head.
actually,i missed the moment when i'm in my darjah satu..(;
i confesed how i hate i'm getting older n hellyeah ;),i really want my bantal busuk back!

i think it's scary that people are now reflecting on their life...
but it happens to me Lol..
so,i plan to enjoy my life as much as i can..;0
oh god!thats depressing!
i have just realised that i talk a lot -_-’ mygod . i hope people don’t think im perky 8|
i cant handle perkiness !
my mum always tells me to ‘think before you speak that stupid thing that you were thinking of doing’ but realistically - is there time to think ???

*big grin's the end of the semester dont even know if i've prepared 4 the final already???

ah shit!doraemon please turn back the time..lend me ur time machine!

*lets recall what do i have at my darjah 1

1.i miss times where i can just lie down on an open stretch of field and look up at the sky and feel free . or drinking iced lemonade after a game of rounders;) thats what i did actually..

2.i went for the klas mengaji at surau and i got crying all days for the next day becoz i dont want to go for the klas anymore...hahahah(really pemalas!)

3.everyday is all play day 4 me...and it stops when i got bleeding on my nose.tu pun sbb i angkat my fren on my back..(that time i fall dkt akar pokok kelapa)'s fun though

4.i drink milk a lot cause i want to be tall and taller.(bcoz of my daydreaming,i tend to fininsh a carton of milk in just ONE mom rarely buy milk in carton after that,instead she bought nespray in powder..hahahaha)Good thought mom!

5.i always packing my clothes and pretending like ade plane amik dpn rmah nk pegi jmpe Mc Gyver..hahahaha
thanks to my parents for 'melayan' my habit at that time.*sheepish smile.

6.i used to go shopping for the toys & doll.and smpai at the moment pnjual dkt kdai stop ckp dkt i,"dah la dik,kesian dkt ayah dah penuh brg2 mainan kat tanagn 2" u consider urself succesful stopping my habit????bgahahah

okay,i'm done clearing those crappy stuff stuck on my head. :x
i'm done now....

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bloom Red Roses!

i fall in love with all these red thing from the moment i saw them on ebay!

OMG!my blood vesel felt the heat already and it comes through my heart,and my heartbeat cease for seconds..hahahah
look at this....

r u waiting for me to buy you baby??

dont look at me like that honey,i cant afford u rite now..u're gucci baby...
it'll be okay *pats my back;)
it'll be yours then.....(for 10years time maybe)

*big dush!*

Man U vs Chelsea

neither am i am a fan of Manchester United or Chelsea,but i went to the mamak corner to watch for this league...('.')?...muahaha...

to be honest the last time i've been addicted to football thing is on year'02 when it was FIFA world cup season...
i was like whooooo~
i am a maniac falling in love with Ronaldo at dat time =)
my emotion completely went in short circuit arguing whos the best with my brother.....hahaha...

*big sigh

i've recall,it was an unforgettable moment since i've watched that with my family members all around me..(;

today i am so weird *like a mesh(; that i've watched the football thing......again!

the first minutes of 10+ was moving insanely slow like i'm going streesed out...and moving to the minutes of 20sumthing,1st GOAL for Chelsea! yeah!!!
haha...seems like i'm supporting chelsea but i'm in the middle of supporting both of them...since chelsea did the goal 1st,then why dont i choose them?....=)

believe me,i'm not a good commentator as martin tyler did..then stop now rather than regretting reading on this bloody sport report by me.hahaha..
the first goal was made by Joe cole...
hurmm..quite intresting already n i'm feeling as fresh as just getting out of fridge...

*putting my position better on the chair
even i still in my crabby mood(;
my mind sparkling in and out and my eyes rolling as i'm gonna catch that ball..hahhaah..

and the end of the match, result was?
chelsea beats ManU with 2-1..
yeah,feeling really satisfied then=)
even i'm not even know what was foul,offside and all those crappy thing..hehhehe...

fav player for today??
new word?
:yellow card...haha

phewwwwwh!....that's it   -_-"


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pursuit of happyness

im getting there =0

the trouble with aiming for a goal

is losing the things you love on the way

its time to pick back up the pieces

and make way for victory (;

its already beginning of april

and its the beginning of the end!

*smirking (-;