Monday, February 15, 2010


listening to: one less lonely girl-justin bieber;do i-luke bryan
my hair twisted into a knot in a black tee with 'saya sayang mak saya' written on it.
mood: painful emotion (*=*)

i plan to sleep n dreaming before midnight...
zzzz..... sleep though...wargh!
why i keep on writing on this bloody blog when i have one of my OWN..i feels like cheating and feeling guilty like i'm having an affair =p or the 1st stages of flirting when you meet someone..

actually,there's another reason why i keep on writing on this bloody blog..:)
there's difference between being an adult and growing up i think.
thinking i'm an adult is really chilling me up..
i'm stil growing up and i know what i did in my life is all in the process of learning and learning and continues till the end of my life..
sumhow an adult still got more to learn and it doesnt necessarily cames from the older one,a kiddo would do too..

i managed to know dis 5year old girl and i was so amazed on how she can be so independent..(0_0)..she's helping out her family by putting her best effort for the sake of her family.
AISI, she's taught me a little bit bout dis miserly life..

And i got very s**k up wif dis guy!
go to hell with your story..i'm not here and acting like stupid person
listening to your *blablabla....
i'ts 2am now,n we're still sms-ing stupid thing."of course it make me angrier"
ok,i'm done now...stop sms-ing me asking me to do this and that..helloooo..who's the boss here?

*big real sigh

song now: king and queens-30seconds to mars
feeling:sleepy yet angry.

ok2..i'm done now.goodnight...(^o^)..


15th february 2010

urmm....i woke up early 2day..solat, then prepare for a breakfast..
a triple + 1layer of sandwich je..
hurmm..but suddenly my mum asked my sis to go and find 1nasi bungkus for her..
haha...who's gonna eat all dis sandwiches? 3of us?
it was so *CWOT(complete waste of time)
if i knew this would happen, i'll just have a yakisoba for breakfast..
ok then..
after that all of us watching oprah show..kinda intresting..then my mum ajak pegi pasar tani..
wanna buy durian..hehe...
i got dressed up by 930 but got stuck by, mak nak tengok abhisek ngan aish kat dalam oprah dulu..
wut ever...i dont really like them though..ok then, we went to pasar on 10.30 am then..

huh?murtabak kambing? jgk nie...
pakcik: nk bli ape?
me : murtabak kambing 1
me :trime kasih pakcik.

jalan again...
dush!hey you..
there's one big guy walking semborono xpandang kiri kanan then langgar ak..
really pissed off..shit!hello?u're big one,y dont u walk down 2 earth a little bit..
ni jalan nk langgar org jer.he's one sad pathetic dude..
urg...technically, i'm not actually got pissed of by that guy.(maybe i'm in unstable hormone mood rite now)

then we managed to get home by 1130 after my mum got her tudung,carkuew and 5kilos of tangerine. ;)
what to masak today?hurmmm..lets see what we have in the frdge..
aiyark!ikan siakap!pergh..
Got the menus already..
1. ikan siakap sweet sour
2. brocoli with black pepper sauce
3. goreng telur pun ok!=p

hurm,oprah again?dis time i have no idea how luckly i am ..justin's here on oprah!
we got your sexy back!:)

phone ringing
Come home's HIM! 're u?
fine..whre r u?my jiran's house..ade kenduri.blablabla...bye.

I actually having fun got stuck in the house..onlining,movies(actually my sis conquer all channel watching disney's movies)

*big sigh

smsing jue..
me="hey jue,got somthing to do 2morrow?
jue replying"nope.y?"
me=let's hang out 2morrow then.
jue=okie,i'll ask aisha then.where?
me=hurm..i'm not goin 2 decide rite n0w..we'll see 2morrow then.

suddenly,feels like my heart stumped..
my brain went fuzzy with this crappy stuck on my head.
actually, i brought home buku FAR450..meaning? shoulve study then.
but my head keeps spinning around like it want some fresh air
(u know wht i meant,got fresh air by hang out n having tiramisu cake..GOSH!)


okie...enough then..tired typing on this blog already..gotta out and find some fresh air.


Sunday, February 14, 2010


its really hard to explain to you and come out with the right words
everything just came out twisted and screwed up
but please, u know that i care more than you ever had in mind
and u know what..
i didnt mean to play around and get stuck with new one
damn it
if u think otherwise
our ego is big enough to act that this is all about us
dont screw this up over what we had done b4...


location:in front of my pink erstwhile laptop
listening to:when you look me in the eyes
mood:em0 '._.' mom is wathching her fave tv show,the oprah show...(lyke her show too but i'm not in mood rite now)=p
since this is the 1st time i wrote a blog...
dunno what to write actually..

i'm writing this for the sake of clarity...i havnt been online for quite a long time o friendsters...bout 4-5 months i think since i've been addictive to facebook...hehe...
i just wondering how's my life will be in the next 5years.
married?having 5children?
OMG!cant wait when i will be a woman..;) (real woman is what i meant lol)
being a real 'superwoman' is lyke a sort of greatest achievement in my life..
having a great career...and a man who really understands every single thing i did..
i dont like fiddling around and serios bout what it takes to be serious..
but i do love joking with my friends,wan,hana,yat,amie,k.long....

got to go...