Sunday, February 14, 2010


location:in front of my pink erstwhile laptop
listening to:when you look me in the eyes
mood:em0 '._.' mom is wathching her fave tv show,the oprah show...(lyke her show too but i'm not in mood rite now)=p
since this is the 1st time i wrote a blog...
dunno what to write actually..

i'm writing this for the sake of clarity...i havnt been online for quite a long time o friendsters...bout 4-5 months i think since i've been addictive to facebook...hehe...
i just wondering how's my life will be in the next 5years.
married?having 5children?
OMG!cant wait when i will be a woman..;) (real woman is what i meant lol)
being a real 'superwoman' is lyke a sort of greatest achievement in my life..
having a great career...and a man who really understands every single thing i did..
i dont like fiddling around and serios bout what it takes to be serious..
but i do love joking with my friends,wan,hana,yat,amie,k.long....

got to go...

1 comment:

  1. hai gadis..
    perh xsangka ak ko ad blog sndiri..
    leh r ak ikut prkembangn ko..
    smpai la ko jdi the real woman..