Monday, February 15, 2010


listening to: one less lonely girl-justin bieber;do i-luke bryan
my hair twisted into a knot in a black tee with 'saya sayang mak saya' written on it.
mood: painful emotion (*=*)

i plan to sleep n dreaming before midnight...
zzzz..... sleep though...wargh!
why i keep on writing on this bloody blog when i have one of my OWN..i feels like cheating and feeling guilty like i'm having an affair =p or the 1st stages of flirting when you meet someone..

actually,there's another reason why i keep on writing on this bloody blog..:)
there's difference between being an adult and growing up i think.
thinking i'm an adult is really chilling me up..
i'm stil growing up and i know what i did in my life is all in the process of learning and learning and continues till the end of my life..
sumhow an adult still got more to learn and it doesnt necessarily cames from the older one,a kiddo would do too..

i managed to know dis 5year old girl and i was so amazed on how she can be so independent..(0_0)..she's helping out her family by putting her best effort for the sake of her family.
AISI, she's taught me a little bit bout dis miserly life..

And i got very s**k up wif dis guy!
go to hell with your story..i'm not here and acting like stupid person
listening to your *blablabla....
i'ts 2am now,n we're still sms-ing stupid thing."of course it make me angrier"
ok,i'm done now...stop sms-ing me asking me to do this and that..helloooo..who's the boss here?

*big real sigh

song now: king and queens-30seconds to mars
feeling:sleepy yet angry.

ok2..i'm done now.goodnight...(^o^)..

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