Saturday, May 19, 2012

What a saturday

Date :19 May 2012
Listening to : All my life (seriusly macam sangat jiwang ;p)

okey,prevoius entry aku dok meng-sedihkan dan meng-lonelykan diriku sempena birthdayku yg suram sepi.
17May si jantung hati balik dari kemaman...

ape lagi,sabtu tuh datinglah bagai lama bertahun tak jumpa(sebulan ibarat setahun)


nilah birthday present dari encik shafiq,thanks banyak2! :)

try cuba test camera nih jap
First shot

not ad la,ni pun not exactly dslr camera... the concept is same like any other digital camera. the difference is on the design part,i love the grip at my hand when i hold this camera!

Pas beli camera, kami ke genting...Weeehuuu!

*sumph entry ni paling buat org menyampah. k bai.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

16 of May 2012

its 16 May...
Fyi,its my birthday today and i kept on raping play button 'if tomorrw never comes by ronan keating' all over day the yesterday.*sangap.

this is the first time i feel like i'm celebratng this alone,works,get done,get backhome.*phew...

16 May 2011:
 i was at kampung, with family and feels so close to everyone.
feeling appreciated i was born on the same date 22years ago.
besides,last year was my single tme with no boyfriend or whatever so called bestest friend among the best.*yeah right.

back to 2012, today is so not good and feeling like hantuk my kepala kat dinding.*terror sangat huh?
disebabkan sume kawan2 rapat jauh and myother half was not here. he wish he could,but distance always make way out of us.*sigh 
yet to feel good, i'm a bit blessed when officemate kluarkan duit and we have dominos and a slice of cake for me. :))

and yet, this is how my birthday goes...

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The beauty of a muslim woman

Assalamualaikum everyone..

It's been a while huh? Yeah, i ddnt write since i was seven.... SEVEN?Liar!

its just something i want to share,i was amazed on how this muslim lady win over a debate,(not exactly a debate) with a journalist who ban the use of veil in france.

i do not write this to show any racism or to offend any religion..

i write this because of i am a muslim..