Wednesday, May 16, 2012

16 of May 2012

its 16 May...
Fyi,its my birthday today and i kept on raping play button 'if tomorrw never comes by ronan keating' all over day the yesterday.*sangap.

this is the first time i feel like i'm celebratng this alone,works,get done,get backhome.*phew...

16 May 2011:
 i was at kampung, with family and feels so close to everyone.
feeling appreciated i was born on the same date 22years ago.
besides,last year was my single tme with no boyfriend or whatever so called bestest friend among the best.*yeah right.

back to 2012, today is so not good and feeling like hantuk my kepala kat dinding.*terror sangat huh?
disebabkan sume kawan2 rapat jauh and myother half was not here. he wish he could,but distance always make way out of us.*sigh 
yet to feel good, i'm a bit blessed when officemate kluarkan duit and we have dominos and a slice of cake for me. :))

and yet, this is how my birthday goes...

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