Sunday, April 4, 2010

Man U vs Chelsea

neither am i am a fan of Manchester United or Chelsea,but i went to the mamak corner to watch for this league...('.')?...muahaha...

to be honest the last time i've been addicted to football thing is on year'02 when it was FIFA world cup season...
i was like whooooo~
i am a maniac falling in love with Ronaldo at dat time =)
my emotion completely went in short circuit arguing whos the best with my brother.....hahaha...

*big sigh

i've recall,it was an unforgettable moment since i've watched that with my family members all around me..(;

today i am so weird *like a mesh(; that i've watched the football thing......again!

the first minutes of 10+ was moving insanely slow like i'm going streesed out...and moving to the minutes of 20sumthing,1st GOAL for Chelsea! yeah!!!
haha...seems like i'm supporting chelsea but i'm in the middle of supporting both of them...since chelsea did the goal 1st,then why dont i choose them?....=)

believe me,i'm not a good commentator as martin tyler did..then stop now rather than regretting reading on this bloody sport report by me.hahaha..
the first goal was made by Joe cole...
hurmm..quite intresting already n i'm feeling as fresh as just getting out of fridge...

*putting my position better on the chair
even i still in my crabby mood(;
my mind sparkling in and out and my eyes rolling as i'm gonna catch that ball..hahhaah..

and the end of the match, result was?
chelsea beats ManU with 2-1..
yeah,feeling really satisfied then=)
even i'm not even know what was foul,offside and all those crappy thing..hehhehe...

fav player for today??
new word?
:yellow card...haha

phewwwwwh!....that's it   -_-"


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