Saturday, July 10, 2010


Un-satisfaction is ..

1. the unknown

2. the useless known

3. the hopeless known ..

4. and knowing that im just typing out the words as it comes from my head without meaning

haha im actually a nice , stable person . its went situations are testy that i get prickly..


right now . maybe its jst me ._.’ it eats you up and you don’t know what to do because you can’t really do anything . and it gets you . grr . the unknown , unplanned , uncharted . analogy - like missing the last formula to an addmath equation ; not being able to msg your friend because your phone is cranky (ish !) sigh ; forgetting something just a the tip of your tongue ; and wishing that something might happen but not knowing if it is ever going to or not , and when will it happen ..

im not a quitter ! but i dont know where this is going so i dont know what im working towards and ..

and maybe im too demanding . hmp . but is it so much to ask when all i want is ,

when all i want is a bit privacy for myself..thanks.

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