Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chip and Cookies

1. today is THURSDAY!erm,evryone knows that(whether they noticed or not) ;)

2. I should be: kemas umah(since i'm now a full time h/wife a.k.a anak soleh)

3. The last text message i received was from: lizzie

4. And it said: jom g pasar malam.

5. I replied: sori,can't la. ade keje la.

6. I am currently pissed off because:my sem break is only 3 weeks!blurhgg!

7. My cellphone rings and the song playing is:Nokia default tone? err...hehe

8. Would love to see: last song(miley starred)

9. Let say i could change my attitude, it would be: that i'd be less egoistic . hmm

10. I really, absolutely love cheese cake.

11.I like yesterday because: ilove yesterday.=p

12. My fav song rite now would be: Jason Derulo-Blind

13. Sometimes I forget to: urmmm,replying messages. sorry!

14. When I’m in a bad mood, it’s better to just: keep quiet and think and read .

15. I really can’t stand: um . rude people . and maggots xO

16.  I’d break up with my boyfriend right away if: i saw him cheating on me !

17. If I were to get stuck in an elevator with someone, it would have to be: wan, or amie . i miss you guys sniff . or hana and ili just for another moment with the three of us :’) + yat ! or ultimately , jiwa kusut k.long . and zai . hey and ziey too .

18.  If I win the lottery, the first thing I would buy is: a house . ngee!

19. One bad habit of mine is: ahaha . i bite my nails , i sleeptalking and i love midnite snack . that’s three , sorry .

20. i would like to meet: wan suriati . to clear things up and explain myself . blueh . im such a chicken i cant even try to muster up the energy to msg you . my bad . so sorry..

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