Wednesday, May 12, 2010


date:12 may 2010
listening to : boys like girls-two is better than one
mood: totally mixed up..sad,confused,guilty.('_.)"

i would tell you what i feel rite now,being honest and face you infront so i could say sorry,explain everything,and blurt it all in just a glimpse of words..
it sounds and it will sound so emo , and i hate it . wan, you somehow bring out the worst and the best part of me.. (;
i realised sumhow people go through their midlife crisis now :/ things change , pressure , life .

all those crap and crisis were just a flow like water in our life..
life must go on and what makes we stuck to each other is not exactly what we feel everytime we're on the middle of trouble or sumthing.

but, trust me..
everytime all the problem goes away, that stuff is not a problem anymore..
what matters now?
friendship matters and rule everything more than we knew and realised..(:

friend are forever, trouble is not just a friend, it was our life, how we reflect our life day by days..

*i'm really miss my h/mates now

whatever obstacles, problems, crisis, any rumours cascade, i will always love u guys..

sorry for whatever i did wrong..

till we meet again.


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