Tuesday, May 18, 2010


May,18th 2010

1st thing in the morning, i woke up early, prepare 4 my sis punye bekpes.( goreng nasik jer la)

since yesterday we've planned 2 meet today, i went to kb and meet them there.
OMG!it's been 5 years since last time i saw their face..heheh
*we=me,zaza,& shida.

1.shida got taller than me,still cute and skinny a bit.hurm . yeah.. a girl like her? she's no chick who wathes her weight.hahaha..

2.zaza now seems like gaining weight little bit(it was a victory for her i think since she's always complaining 2 me saying she's so skinny like a walking skeleton and a runaway model) hihi

*applause!(great job dear)

brunch at  pizza hut+secret recipe..
*thinking...are u guys doin' dis too??huh?? (;

after that, 3 of us got 3 proper plan:

1. window shopping

2. tingkap shopping

3. door shopping!

that's all we can do since we dont have money.
me=dont have the scholarship money yet .
zaza=her dad wont give her the allowance 4 this month since she took away her sis's laptop for for her bf... (bangang!)
shida=always run out of money!

*pats my back..its okay!haha


ah shit! my phone fell down the floor 3times today.
i'm sure now it's going to be crappier and crappier by minutes.
yeah right..

we sat in the middle of the shopping mall
thats because we tired+exhausted+jealous of ppl having a double triple paperbags on their hand.(-o-)"

we were talking and talking, haha ,
and i jst have to record this before it slips out to oblivion

zaza: so how r u now?

me: i'm just fine. damn bored being alone at home

shida : heh..nasib la

me : hehe.yeah..but i love doing all those stuff.
very hectic week i got last week.i pactically died the day after that..

zaza : whatv a crap,dont b sooo lame.haha..

shida : hey, did u hear about h?

me: nope.not at all, seems like he fall into another side of the world. i dont even saw him after school. why?u met him?

shida : u just dont get it fiqa.

me: get what?

shida: r u blind or what?

me: huh? can u just tell me what did i didnt got so i can get it NOW.

shida: *explains

me: *pause for a seconds..
i see. why i dont even notice it?hurmm...where the hell is he doin' rite now? studying or what?

shida: yeah..he managed to go australia after intec s.alam.

me: errrr..okay. i was such a blinfolded. how is it goin after p.school?

shida: he got offer 2 mrsm.

*zaza smirking

*so,technically i dont expecting dis thing is goin to spoil my mood 2day.. ._.//

head over home after that.

let me tell you what i think is important in life - uh


tiramisu cakes , laptop , handphone , wifi , pringles , friends and pizza


okay, NO. it's attitude

clothes , looks , grades , talents , sport abilities , contacts and networks , cool family , nice house , riches , cool friends and a romantic love life ..

it makes up but its not the important thing ;)

its very very shallow if you think that’s the main point of perfection

perfection , like beauty , really comes from within ;D

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