Tuesday, May 11, 2010


the end.

Uitm is done...
erk?actually...not done yet,
there's 1year left...


after 3years of studies and love and laugh i didnt think i regret a second of it and i've already prepared my leave and is all good.

about 3 weeks of freedom brings a lot of prospects and its what you make of the time you have right?

why do i feel like theres a brick wall coming on the 1st of june? instead of a door?

and im so unsatisfied because ive tried so hard last year. A for effort, no? and and it’s double the turmoil because deep down inside i don’t know what im doing. im not sure of my goals as of yet and maybe it’s time i realise that the no-plan plan isnt really going to work now that lectures and all its enchalada is done with?

im trying to hold up my end here and im probably wigging out over nothing but its like balancing on a thread, not knowing whether its good to fall or not?

we’ll see.

the beginning.

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