Thursday, December 2, 2010

Beatiful Goodbye

I thought it was all in my head but something felt wrong in my heart

Guess I was a fool to believe nothing could tear us apart

Little by little we've changed n maybe we'll never know why

Something is gone from my touch

And it's written deep in your eyes

Forever is easy to say

But now our forever is gone

Can't you see nobody's right

When all that is left is all wrong

I'm gonna miss what we had

And even though it's killin' me

Gotta see things the way that they are

Not the way that I wish they could be

We'll never be the way we were

So why do we try to pretend

If we know it's gonna hurt

It's beter left unsaid

And it feels just like a dream the moment that you wrap your arms around me

The only place I thought I'd ever be until I realize it's for the last time

You don't have to say a word

'cause deep inside I already know

You can't keep holding on

Just because I can't let go

I'll be all right, try not to cry

When you walk out my life
Just leave me with a beautiful goodbye

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