Monday, December 6, 2010

Into the nothing

1) put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc on shuffle
2) for each quest, press the next button to get your answer
3) u must write down the song's name NO MATTER HOW silly it sounds
4) put any comments in brackets after the song names)

put this on your journal/blog

1- If someone says, "Is this okay ?" ... you say ?
bury me deep inside-HIM (yes bury me DEEP)

2- How would you describe yourself ?
cant be tamed - Miley Cyrus (i used to be tamed...=p)

3- What do you like in a guy/girl ?
genie in he bottle- Christina Aquilera (wishing the genie is hot)

4- How do you feel today ?
Better in time - Leona Lewis (apparently i need to be the way i used to be,or better)

5- What is your life's purpose?

6- What is your motto?

7- What do your friends think of you ?
CHECK YES JULIET-WE THE KINGS(run baby run dont ever look back...)

8- What do you think of your parents ?
SAVE ROOM-JOHN LEGEND(for the love of god!!)

9- What do you think about very often ?
SIGNS-SNOOP DOGG FT J.T(cupid dont MESS with me)

10- What is 2 + 2 ?
ONE IN A MILLION-Bosson (so its not 4 nemore?)

11- What do you think of your best friend ?
touch my body-mariah carey (ho yeahh!!.hahaha)

12- What do you think of the person you like ?
today was a fairytale - Taylor Swift(it's over within a day, lol)

13- What is your life story ?
falling star-JET (yes falling star indeed)

14- What do you want to be when you grow up ?
stolen-dashboard confessional (???!!!)

15- What do you think of when you see the person you like ?
Relax,take it easy-Mika(chill bebeyh chill...)

16- What will you dance to at your wedding ?
Midnight bottle-Colbie caillat

17- What will they play at your funeral ?
Time is running out - Muse(bapak terbaik funeral aku!)

18- What is your hobby/interest ?
New-No doubt(ape punyer hobby lah)

19- What is your biggest fear ?
Hot n cold-Katie Perry (stupid punye fear)

20- What is your biggest secret ?
CRAZY - Aerosmith (no doubt u're like this)*ngee

21- What do you think of your friends ?
Your my angle-Unwritten law (devil lagie tepat wey)

22- What will you post this as ?
Into the nothing - Breaking Benjamin (realistically this is useless)


  1. Lebih kurang sisipan hati perasaan.hahaha..suke2 je boleh lah.wat ikut step kat atas.hehe