Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hi there

Listening to : Yesterday, Toni Braxton
My mind completely went into circuit, absolutely in the middle of nowhere.
Mood : Bruises 

It’s been awhile n awhile since I left u bloggy! U’re dusty now..sorry,my bad.*urgh
Many things happened all these days and it kept reminding me on hows life doesn’t supposed as we want it to be.(-.-)

Lesson learnt:
First, all the things happened in Mesir really worry me. It keeps questioned my mind on how long ppl’s there want to live their life like that? The govt blocked all the connections, phone, and internet n sort of things. My family couldn’t contact my brother’s there and that bloody pm is insanely decided to downsize all the cabinets? Huh? c’mon, think wisely ppl. That doesn’t change anything unless u steps down n give way for a new 1. I was wondering why M’sia govt doesn’t want to bring Malaysians lived there back to Malaysia? I should take a deep n full of meaningful thought on that. *sigh

Second, the thought of coming home and I will have a rest for the whole week is so no no dream. We’re having a function at my house and I will be busy gearing on almost everything since I’m the only one child at the age >20.*pissed off

Next, my neighbor aka my mom’s best friend died and what surprised us was she doesn’t show any sign of unhealthy-ness in front of us. May Allah bless her always. (Innalillahiwainnailaihirojiun)

Then, I bought a blackberry and I thought that gismo thing will complete me with my “gadget freak” habit. Guess what? NOT AT ALL,fullstop. I’ve been thinking n dreaming about an ipad now.*eyes drooling

That’s the quick updates from me.
Will update soon(;

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