Friday, December 3, 2010

Adios Treasury

 the A&O team(superb!)

it's been a looong time ago since the last time i'm update this bloody blog was on september.=0

i've been busy gearing up evething  with all the practical stuff n what not.(konon)

totally cannot recall wht happened before this.
alrite,before all things are draining and drenching out from my brain,i have to put this on somewhere.(-.-)

as times goes by, the tears and joy of intership is done..i was handling it pretty well,i think..totally.
as i dont regret any seconds of it. all of them are wonderful (i can use that term for them)
*insert dramatic pause.

on my last day, they got me off for a lunch together at chakri. nothing biggie, just a small selective gathering fr this great band of friensd that were awesomely close. at the end of it,i put a glimpse on the receipt.
that lunch is worth rm450++.erk! thanks Kak Fid!!it was an amazing fact that all of us were able to attend last tuesday afternoon :’)

after that, we're heading to iSetan.
we = kak shida n me..
and surprisingly i've been asked to choose my own present worth rm300.realistically i am shocked (and blushing too)......;) what are they planning to?
ok,done with that..i've picked out my own was a ........eheheh

after that, we've got another farewell celebration for the whole GTD, a cake for us.honestly i tell you it was the most wonderful moment in my life. being celebrated as if i'm the staff was not just an intern i thought. we've spent moments and we did make every seconds worth having for, the Accounting and Operation team and the whole GTD itself.

idk why im writing this , just fr the record i guess . i knw ill miss them , because they’re a part of my life :/

mmmmkaaay phewh thats it!

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