Thursday, June 17, 2010


Listening to: Angel's cry-Neyo ft Mariah Carey
hair . twisted into a ponytail.
shimmer . rough .
In black chiffon shorts and a white tee .
wiping the worry away..

ooh.. it's been 3 weeks already..

ive been … busy gearing up over everything , konon . im nt even sure if that makes sense
it’s already THURSDAY
1 day left till weekend..
feel as if the weekend didnt happen at all , smhow . one big gush of grey blur

my brain went fuzzy checkin' on wht i'm going to do dis weekend.


i think all dis time i'm doing my internship at petronas,i did quite well.(i guess)

u know what?the best thing for today was i eat at nando's!

it's kak fid's supervisor a.k.a my boss..


frankly speaking, at 1st, i did'nt wanna go join them for lunch since i thought i hve to pay for my own meal.

funny isnt it? i knew that every month kak fid will bring her staff for a lunch together.that was great!

thats why i love nice ppl..

my top pet peeve in the whole world is rude people . i absolutely despise rude people . imbecilic morons . courtesy makes the person . gentlemen rules !

in a sense , it seems irresponsible and idiotic to “go with the flo” . but im not stupid . i act stupid ;D but i don’t think im stoopid . this may be just a case of Patrick & Spongebob’s influence . haha .

i was raised with manners . im sensible . i don’t do stupid things . like smoking . or taking drugs . i dnt do PDA . i pray ;D and fast . i’ve qhattamed . i still have fun but i know my limit . with good breeding comes manners .

song right now:Jason Castro- Lets just fall in love again.

okay, i'm done now.


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