Saturday, March 5, 2011

You're hired!


Having module all day long today
plus the mock interview (google it guys) ;)
i got the OSK investment bank co as my interviewer n dont have any idea how did i gotten into this co (i did know abt the co but what actually they did? i know NOTHING)

okay,here it goes:

interviewer A (a guy),we call him oren
interviewer B (a lady), lets call her lemon ..;)
and dont forget me (i'm the main character slash u to death if u forgot abt me.

me:'s my resume...*came into the room and put the CV on the table

both of them smiled n nodded

oren: have a seat
lemon: alright fiqa,tell us a little bit abt urself.
me: my name is ..bla..bla...bla...n i'm the eldest sister in family.

oren checking my resume

oren   : i saw u've done ur practikal training at petronas,do u a petronas scholar?
me      :nope..but i'm a pnb scholar...*ah shit!ape kau ckp ni fiqa.aigoo!hope they didnt even notice it
lemon  : owh,so you're a pnb scholar? meaning that u're bonded with them right?
me      : actually it is not exactly bonded bcause in the agreement it stated that the scholarship offered doesnt guaranteed me a job later.*pandai kau tempeleng..hehe
lemon  : ohh i see..let say if pnb offer you a job and we're too offering u the same.what co will u choose?
me      : definitely i will choose pnb.(it just came out from my mouth,haish!)

*both oren and lemon seems shock

lemon  : so you are saying that u will chose pnb instead of us?seems that u're not interested in this company. we're just an options. aren't u?
*big dush!

me     : thats not what i meant. i am interested in this company. it is just a nice way giving my priority to my scholarship company.(i dont think i should said like this)
lemon :alright,done with that.tell us what do u think abt foreign workers in our country.
me     : in my opinion,foreign workers issue doesnt give any benefit to our country.we're paying them n they're tranfering the money for their family. it would be such a waste. *ok,i'm stuck now.haish!
oren   : what do you know about futures derivative.

*i got stuck,blank, fact i know the answer. 

me    :my apology , i cannot answer the question yet but i'll try to explain on that if i got hired.
oren  : it's what do u think of the current economy.
me    :correct me if i'm wrong but now ringgit is tightening because of the drops in US dollar. and it affected by the rose of oil prices. and it is a good situation for malaysia i think.
lemon :explain about the IPO,wht do u know about it.
me     : IPO is offered by bla...bla..bla...*i wish this wasnt a crap.hee!
oren   : given a condition of bull market and bear market.what do u understand about those things?
*banyak la pulak kau tanye,nasib baik hensem
me     :bull market is where the transaction of shares and the flow of money in the market is heavily transacted.and bear market is a condition where...bla3....done...
lemon  : what is the relevant of having invested and giving out of it good or not?
me      : * a point of time,i got stuck...apology again..(ape je kau tau fiqa,adeh)

okay,the session reached the end.but....
me   : sorry may i ask one question?

*both of them said yes and nodded.

me   : are both of u came from recruitment team of osk or what? (berani nye kau fiqa tnye diorg,hehe)
oren  : *laughing

eh aku xsuruh gelak pun?? 

oren   :actually, we're not from osk,we're the alumni of uitm working at .............we come just t help u guys on how to face the interview session. And you're good enough even there are times u cannot deliver what u want to say correctly.(did he just compliment me???) ;D
me     : owh okay...(hampeh betul, i was thinking they're from osk*big sigh )

the end of session.
come out of the room,relieved.
but hey, life is short..whatever you do,always be cheerful n everybody will get into you just easily.


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