Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cooling hot

Profile A

after get to know for two days
man: would u like to join me for a dinner?
lady: huh?
man: a dinner,would u?
lady: too demanding
man: i'm having a dinner,if u want to join i would be happy
lady : no,not this time. no offense
man : ...

Profile B

man: i'm having a dinner
lady : with whom?
man : alone....
lady : owh, okay.

after 4 months
man : i have things to do at ..., and it would take me for lunch there
lady : works?
man : yeah ...
lady : okay
man : i'm having a lunch at RT
lady : alone again?
man : yes, accompany me?
lady : that's a question, women dont like question
man : *thinks
man : join me for lunch, lunch is on me.
lady : *grinning, the man cant see
lady : alrites,what time u'll be there?
man : 130pm, see u there ;)

p/s : women dont like a thrill 'date' and i'd prefer man in Profile B ,too damn cool! (;

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