Thursday, June 9, 2011

Life as we know it

Here how it goes,
no matter how much i try to forget, u're still coming into my dreams and it turns out into a nightmare
and i hate it
what can i say
if youre it, youre it
i try time and again to see you in a different light..
with eyes untainted by social perception..
unheard of gossip and hate-speech..
but damn!!
you just had to go get in my face again..
cant you just leave quietly.. tail between legs..
i mean, seriously..
you ass has been handed to you the last time..
and you still have the nerve to show that snotty nose of yours..
claiming to still be on top when it is soo clear that you cant take the view..
just please..
at the end of it
dont pretend like its your decision to leave
because we all know that its u who cant afford to stay..

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