Saturday, June 18, 2011

Them, I miss

Taking a deep breath
exhale *sigh

today, i look back on the pictures in my storage
and how i miss them sooo much!
look at them. hellyeah!crazy isn' it?
with friend like them, who needs enemy right?
we fight like sisters, take care like brothers
aku cubit kau, kau cepuk aku
aku tampar kau, kau sepak kejar aku
bile nak habis...hehehe
peace yaww!

it has been 4years of laugh and tear we've been thru together
no matter what we are sisters..
lots of love


  1. why put yat pix with bra....huahuahua~

  2. x tahan tgk gmbar last...wat pecah perut...miss u..hehehe